Organisation Design and Process Optimisation

Our design approach starts and ends with stakeholders; – focusing on how stakeholders input into the organisationís priorities, programmes and services and how they in turn, are impacted by the organisationís outputs. The core competencies required to execute its programmes and services are logically clustered, taking into account the core and support functions and processes, levels of work, span of control, reporting requirements and job profiles.

The design approach further takes an information-processing view of organisations in order for the right information to be collected, analysed and shared for effective decision-making and management. This involves streamlining the information collection, storage, analysis and communication processes, technologies and systems to do so.

We adopt a quality management approach to process optimisation which enables us to map the major activities, controls, criteria and records, while at the same time evaluating each of the core processes against alignment with the organisationís strategy and mandate, efficiency and effectiveness and the standards against which programmes and services have to be delivered.