Programme Development Life Cycle

Although there are a wide variety of methods and techniques that can be used for programme design, we have developed a simple programme life cycle approach that incorporates research, design and formulation, implementation and management, and monitoring and evaluation. The process is iterative and can move between the major stages for instance from monitoring and evaluation to programme design. We combine a strong focus on academic theory with a grounded practical approach to programme design. Development@Work provides the following services in the formulation and implementation of programmes:

Monitoring and Evaluation

The reforms undertaken to strengthen the performance of government culminated in the adoption of the outcomes-based approach to planning, performance monitoring and evaluation. The outcomes approach encompasses a focus on results. It seeks to make explicit the relationship between outcomes, outputs, inputs and resources through the application of a clear theory of change and/or a delivery value chain.

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Programme Implementation and Management

The programme implementation services focus on the provision of programme planning, management and capacity development services. Our approach to planning is defined by joint programme planning processes that ensure that the outcomes are rooted in the organisational context of our programme partners. Our programme management approach also places strong emphasis on strengthening the management capacity of programme partners.

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Programme Design and Development

Programme design and development involves providing development partners with assistance on clarifying the goals and objectives of programmes and facilitating an understanding of the conceptual frameworks underpinning such programmes. In addition, the design and development process takes account of the programme and organisational context, the need for strategic partners, human resources and intellectual capital, sustainability, institutional arrangements and resource distribution.

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Development@Work provides participatory research services that are aimed at gathering information on the feasibility, performance and impact of programmes.

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