Our Strategic Vision

The public sector plays a vital role in the transformation of society in South Africa.†The process, initiated in the early 1990ís, of revitalising and renewing the public sector while at the same time providing opportunities for redress, remains incomplete.

This process of change is taking place in increasingly challenging conditions. Limited financial resources and competition for skills within the public sector, together with the persistent presence of poverty and inequality in society and the economy, require innovative public institutions, organisations and programmes to address these challenges.It should be borne in mind that global challenges such as climate change and adverse economic conditions further influence the ability of the public sector to deal with the challenges in South Africa.

People in the public service are at the centre of developing the motivations, means and mechanisms to bring about the desired change and transformation in our society. Development@work has its origins in the desire to work with public sector leaders and managers in their institutions and organisations in order to fashion the capabilities necessary to effectively address the most pressing problems in South African society.

The vision of development@work is a transformed South African society in which citizens and communities have equitable access to development opportunities. Thus, the reason for our existence is a public sector capable of leading the transformation of South African society through effective institutions, innovative organisations, relevant programmes and quality services.