Our Genesis

Since establishing our consulting practice in 2000, we have partnered with numerous public institutions and organisation to share our knowledge, skills and expertise in policy implementation, organisational development and programming.

This has afforded us the opportunity to deepen our understanding and knowledge of the public sector contexts, framework conditions, leadership and management practices, modes of operation and associated cultures, structures and systems.

We have used this understanding and knowledge to inform our approach and practice in the co-creation of capacity enhancing interventions we have developed. This has been developed in collaboration with a number of associates with whom we have developed close working relations over the last decade.

Mark Burke, the managing director, states that the work in the public sector has led to a particular understanding of the concept of value. He says, ďMost often the concept of value is understood from a commercial perspective. Whilst it is the dominant perspective, it is certainly not the only perspective.

Our point of departure is to understand what public organisations value as important. Then our task is to work with the organisation to create that which is important in terms of the organisationís mandate and in so doing, create value. The creation of value in an organisation is thus an extension of its values”.