Organisational Development Life Cycle

The concept of the organisational life cycle is a well-established model in the field of organisational development. Borrowed from the life sciences (such as biology), the organisational life cycle model has been used metaphorically in organisational sociology to simplify complex social phenomena.† According to this model, all organisations pass through predictable stages of growth and their strategies, structures and activities correspond with the different stages of growth. We draw on the organisational life cycle concept to analyse organisations and formulate strategies fit for the relevant stage of development.†The specific services offered in the Organisational Development Life Cycle include:

Systems Analysis and Design

Information architecture and data management, together with the automation of processes and applications, form the key areas of systemsanalysisagainst the strategic priorities of the organisation and how effectively the existing information, communication and networking technologies support these. Our analysis focuses on the quality of the data produced and the extent to which the existing systems (and their integration) are effective in capturing and analysing the data and information.

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Organisation Design and Process Optimisation

Our design approach starts and ends with stakeholders; - focusing on how stakeholders input into the organisationís priorities, programmes and services and how they in turn, are impacted by the organisationís outputs. The core competencies required to execute its programmes and services are logically clustered, taking into account the core and support functions and processes, levels of work, span of control, reporting requirements and job profiles.

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Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Our approach to strategic planning draws on the Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring Framework (create link to the page describing the framework) to structure the planning process. It typically consists of two phases. The first phase is designed to review the mission, mandate, priorities and formulate outcomes aligned to the national priorities and outcomes.

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