Economic Development Projects

Our work in the economic development sector focuses on promoting small enterprise development, trade development and supporting local economic development.The growth and development of the small enterprise sector has been identified as an important objective in the development plans of many developing countries. Since 1994, the South African government has also emphasised the development of this sector as an important instrument of employment creation and economic empowerment.

Development@work has participated in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of several small enterprise development programmes.†South Africaís integration into the global economy has provided many opportunities for access to new markets, but not without risk. Our work has focused on the implementation of programmes to support the competitiveness of SMMEís and to promote exports.

Stimulating the growth and development of local economies remain one of the greatest challenges to local authorities across the country. At present, many efforts to stimulate and support growth in local economies are characterised by the implementation of inappropriate Local Economic Development (LED) strategies, the inability to provide even limited support to strengthen LED initiatives and inadequate LED programme management capabilities.